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warriors went out to see if they could find some
otter, which were plentiful in that part of the
northland. While they were out they came upon
a cabin, and they saw six long-haired people with
light skin, going in and out of this place* Our
warriors sat down and watched them and tried to
figure out what they were; they had never seen any
people like them before. They were not Indians
and they were not white men; so one of our
warriors, Big Darkness, said that they must be the
white man's woman—their wives—white women!
They had never seen any white women before;
so they all agreed that that must be what they

But when they came back to camp and told the
others about it, another of our warriors.. Sun Calf,
who had seen the woman, changed his mind and
said that he did not believe they were white
women after all; they were £some other kind of
people5,, he said.

This started an argument which became so
heated that our chief was afraid that it would lead
to a fight. So he said the best way to settle the
dispute was for the two warriors to put up a bets
and then go over and capture one of the cstrange
beings' and bring it back5 and the camp would
decide what they were,

The men led out five ponies each and bet them
on their respective beliefs. And when darkness